It covers unforeseen and sudden losses to various civil engineering works including construction and erection of all types of structures viz road, bridge, hydro power, canal, irrigation and installation of machine.

Some types of engineering insurance policies are:

Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy

This type of policy provides complete coverage for electronic equipment which includes physical loss or damage to all the electronic equipments, whether the in secured items at work or at rest or being dismantled for the purpose of cleaning, overhauling or of being shifted within the premises or in the course of the aforesaid operations themselves or during subsequent re erection but in any case only after successful commissioning.

Contractors All Risk

This type of policy provides coverage for property damage and third-party injury or damage claims which include improper construction of structures, damage that happens during a renovation and damage to temporary work erected on-site. Third parties, including subcontractors, if they get injured while working at the construction site.

Contractor’s Plant and Machinery

This type of policy includes damage or losses of expensive machinery, for construction contracting business. This insurance protects business from these losses. This insurance cover on partial or total damage to equipment or machinery, Insured plant and machinery for any physical damage by any cause (unless specifically excluded), covers all insured items whether at work, rest, or being dismantled for cleaning and overhauling or in the course of the aforesaid operations themselves, or when being shifted within the premises, or during subsequent re-erections but in any case only after successful commissioning.

Erection All risk

This type of policy provides coverage to the risk of loss which arises out of erection and installation of machinery plant and steel structures, including physical damage to the contract works, equipment and machinery, and liability for  third-party bodily injury or property damage arising out of these operations.

Marine cum erection

This type of policy provides coverage to principal and contractors and also to the manufacturers and suppliers erecting machinery and plants against financial loss due to any sudden unforeseen cause resulting in loss or damage to the property insured at the project site whilst being stored erected, tested and commissioned.

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