Our Story

Sanima GIC Insurance Ltd is merged non-life insurance company (Previously “Sanima General Insurance Ltd” & “General Insurance Company Nepal Ltd.”), starting its consolidated transaction from October 24th 2022. 

Sanima General Insurance Ltd. and General Insurance Company Nepal Ltd. were established 4 years ago, with experience and innovative individuals and renowned business houses providing excellent service in the industry.

Now as one entity, with over 400+ staff members and 50+ branches all over Nepal, we are ready to enhance our service even further and fulfill expectation as promised to all the stakeholders.

About Us

At Sanima GIC Insurance Ltd., we strive towards customer centricity and tirelessly work towards a better and safer life. We value transparency and believe in continuous innovation through exploring, learning and implementing new ideas.

Our DNA is deeply embedded in focusing on going beyond ordinary to deliver superior customer value. Our dedicated and motivated team of professionals with immense experience in the general insurance industry is continuously working to deliver innovative and quality services to exceed our customer expectations. We are committed towards designing new products, exploring white space to bridge the market need and implementing innovative business solutions with a focus on customer’s interest. We celebrate our failures and believe that success is a product of rigorous hard work and discipline. We continuously strive for progress proudly and persistently. We are experts in curbing risk and not experts in fear and failure. SGIC is about being responsible and impactful. Together with our values, we are guided towards providing our customers with an optimistic, caring and reliable insurance process. We care about affordability and advocate towards providing the best possible solution. Sanima GIC Insurance Ltd will continuously be committed to providing better service and address and empower our customers through our relentless hard work and optimistic approach towards making everyone and everything safer.


To become the leading insurance company in Nepal and provide our clients with unmatched quality – focusing on innovation for better products & customer service.


To design every product according to the needs of our client, develop every process keeping in mind the ease of our clients, make every decision focusing on our shareholder’s profitability and communicate with full transparency.



Here in Sanima GIC Insurance, we believe that all information and services should be provided in the most transparent and ethical manner.


We thrive to become the most reliable general insurance company by providing our customers the most trustworthy information and services.


We serve our customers with the highest ethical standards in an unbiased, efficient and professional manner.


We believe in providing high quality service and consistent development of innovative and desirable products with an aim to ensure customer satisfaction.


Teamwork is significant to SGI as it encourages mutually supportive employee relationships as we strive to achieve the common goals and objectives of the company.



This Company has been promoted by Commercial Banks, Development Banks, Finance Company’s, Industrial Sector, Business Entrepreneur and well reputed Independents of the Nation

To the Investor

  • High Growth rate than previous year
  • Better departmental control & Risk management
  • Satisfactory Reserve & Adequate Reinsurance coverage

To the Insurer

  • Sound financial status
  • Experienced Management Team
  • Prompt settlement of claims
  • Well Re-Insurance Management

Reinsurance Alliance

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