1.  Notification of incident, loss or damage

When loss or damage under the insurance policy occurs, the insured should notify us of the incident as soon as possible. 

Insured can notify through below mentioned Contact no. or by email or in any branch office of the company.

NameContact No.Email
GIC Nepal Ltd.01-4443944info@gicnepal.com
Pradeep Kr. Yadav9841619692pradeep.yadav@gicnepal.com
Trishna Bista Dhakal9851234886trishna.bista@gicnepal.com
Samir Nagarkoti9861726697claim@gicnepal.com

Any loss or damage caused by theft/burglary must be reported to the local police station. A copy of the police report should also be obtained to be produced as evidence for the claim.

2. Protection of damaged property 

The insured should take photographs of the damaged property on the spot before having any necessary actions/repairs to mitigate the loss or damage.

All pertinent evidence must be kept as close to the original state as possible so that our surveyor/claims assessor can detect the damage.

3. Repair or replacement of damaged property

The insured should put forward to us, for consideration, any quotations for repair/replacement of the damaged parts before proceeding with the purchase or repair. However, if necessary, the insured may proceed with the repair of the damaged property to ensure its safety or to prevent possible continuing or further damage.

4. Surveying of damage

Where full, detailed surveying of damage is required, we may either undertake the surveying ourselves or assign a surveyor/loss assessor to call the insured and arrange a damage survey at a time and date of the insured’s convenience.

5. Preparation of claims documents

In order to speed up the claims process and ensure claims are accurately and thoroughly arrived at, the insured is requested to prepare required documents for us and/or for the surveyor/claims assessor.

6. Claim Approval and Discharge Voucher

Based on the received documents we assess the loss and approve the claim and issue the Discharge Voucher mentioning the approved amount for insured’s signature.

7. Cheque

After receiving the duly signed Discharge Voucher we will settle the claim by issuing Cheque and can be deposited in insured’s bank account if required.

Note: The above claims guidelines are only an initial, general guide for the insured and the Company. Our claims process will depend on the terms of coverage of each specific policy effective at the time of the incident. We may also request further information and/or other relevant documents in addition to the six items mentioned above, as necessary and in support of consideration of the claim.

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